Friday, June 28, 2013

Narendra Modi Bashing


Today it has become a fashion to bash Narendra Modi (NaMo).  People need an object to punch thereby shielding their frustrations, inabilities, impotency, incompetency, etc.  This bashing takes a more ugly turn when it becomes a paid one particularly at the behest of ISI. These people don’t want to see a rising India. It is unfortunate that some people from the BJP too could not set aside their personal ambitions for the sake of India OR they are playing in the hands of ISI ( remember  Jinnah praise by  Advani, to prove this point).
Rise of "NaMo" is inevitable.  The Great Himalaya & the three seas are more eager to welcome NaMo at the national stage.  History is evident that whenever people become hopeless, there  rises a great leader, who leads the country.
Recent Nitish episode is the naked appeasement of Islam.  What can be said about such a leader who visited Pakistan only to please Muslims (voters) staying in India. Sooner or later many districts of Bihar will be overrun by illegal Bangladeshis cockroaches who are already a majority in many adjoining border districts there. But this Topi loving C.M. doesn’t cares. These people don’t  feel any respect & obligation towards fatherland. May be they are under the illusion that their fathers came from Arab! On the other hand people (?) like Lalu have made hard working Biharis a laughing stock!
Now take the Congress. This is such a traitor party that only needs elimination. “CONGRESS MUKT BHARAT” as said by NaMo. They are traitor since beginning- founded by an English to praise the Queen, back stabbed the Krantikaris, Nehru danced to the tunes of Edwina (planted by then GG) & gave all to the Pakistan, Nehru romanced with the Chinese & lovingly turned his back towards them (?), (in fact Nehru should be brought to justice for the deaths of Indian army men), are to name a few but the list is endless.  Now this same congress party is dancing on an Italian tune.  This Italian gyration if not stopped is sure going to harm us.
It is now the duty of every India loving person to come out of the home, internet, newspapers, TVs, etc & support NaMo.  Only twitting or chatting on the net will not be sufficient, because NaMo is fighting for us against an army of cockroaches (do not die easily even we cut their head – read pseudo secular), locust (eating our natural resources – read Congress), parasites (read–Italian Congress), leeches (blood thirsty – read Islamic terrorists), etc.


  1. Beautifully expressed the anger in short & crispy. But Indians as general & Hindus as Particular r lazy and impotent. Hindus r at the juncture of extinction of species. Arise Hindus otherwise neither u could make history nor u will find place in the history!

  2. I am in full agreement with each & every line of your short essay.